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Essential oils are mother nature’s natural remedies! They are natural extracts that come from the seeds, stems, flowers, bark, roots and other parts of plants. These natural extracts have a variety of different healing properties that we can use to help support our physical, emotional and spiritual health. && the best part about it is that Essential Oils not only help treat our symptoms the address the root cause of the problem at the same damn time.

When we smell a rose or squeeze an orange and smell that zesty aroma.. What we are really smelling are the essential oils. These oils are life blood of plants. They differ from plant to plant and are essential for that particular plants survival out in the wild. These violate aromatic compounds are organic molecules that provide a variety of different protective, reproductive and regenerative purposes to the plant. Which changes do to the environment in which a particular plant faces out in the wild. When we extract these compounds and introduce them to our environment we are providing our bodies with the same all natural benefits that these compounds give to their mother plant out in the wild.

Oils have been used for centuries in different health care practices, in food preparation, in beauty supplies and even for spiritual practices. The benefits of an oil varies from plant to plant and from species to species giving us a wide variety of different healing properties to choose from! So when you see an oil junkie say "There's an oil for that" for freaking everything... they're right!


Like a lot of other oil lovers out there I did not go out searching for oils… and I never thought they would have become part of my daily routine as quickly as they did.
doterrafound meI was a recent college graduate, forcing myself to accept a career, in Pharmaceutical Sales, that I absolutely hated and learning how to navigate the real world.. all while being paralyzed by severe feelings of anxiousness, self doubt, emotional lows and intrusive thoughts. I was over 200 pounds and the unhealthiest I have ever been (physically, emotionally and mentally). I felt like was being perpetually numbed by the happy pills I was taking each morning. When one day I woke up and just KNEW that there had to be a better way.

I knew there had to be a way that did not involve numbing my feelings, that did not categorize me as broken, fragile or too over emotional to deal with the day to day activities we now refer to as “adulting”. Sooo, I surrendered. I asked my spirit guides to show me a better way. The next day my best friend (who has no affiliation with doTERRA and did not use essential oils at all) tagged me in a post about the benefits of essential oils for regulating your emotions. Before I could even think twice I messaged the woman who made the post and within a few days my first batch of doTERRA oils arrived at my door. I opened the box, took one sniff of the oils and was immediately hooked.

I hardly knew what I was doing or how to use the oils but I felt something in me change. I felt a vibrational shift deep within myself. It was the breath of fresh air that I had been waiting for. I may not have known what I was doing or how it was working all I knew for sure was that I FELT a whole lot better. I ditched the little orange pill bottle and started incorporating essential oils into my daily routine.

I explored the different ways to use oils, the various benefits they can provide for our mind,body and spirit and started diving deep into the research. I was freaking hoooooked! Now I have oils floating around in my purse, in my bed, on my dresser, in my kitchen, in the bathroom, in my fucking car, on my desk… pretty much anywhere I spend time.

This lifestyle quickly became something I NEEDED to share with others. Other people out there needed these natural alternatives in their lives. The Pharmaceutical Sales Rep inside of me started screaming "WHY are you selling inhalers when you could be changing lives with Essential Oils"!! Continue reading how doTERRA essential oils and the amazing leadership opportunity has changed my life here....


Because they care. They genuinely care about the quality of the oils, of the community, of the education, of the membership benefits and of doTERRA’s overall mission as a company.

Essential oils can be used topically , aromatically, or internally and the positive effects on our health and wellness are mother f-ing bountyless. But we have to make sure we are getting what we pay for and that the oils are really all natural and effective as the bottle says they are. We want the BEST for ourselves soooo...we need to ask..  What’s in these oils that we are putting in, on and around our body?  Are these oils really what they say they are? Are pure and not diluted with alcohol? Where the hell do they come from? Are they as potent as everyone says they are?  When you first get started using essential oils this can seem very daunting and overwhelming…. But not when you choose doTERRA essential oils. Choosing doTERRA means you no longer have to worry that you are getting the highest quality oils for you and your family.

doTERRA is committed to providing the purest, most potent essential oils possible. In order to create these potent essential oils you have to have the perfect plant first.  Where the plant is grown, the soil, the temperature and overall climate play a significant role in the potency of the finished product.

doTERRA partners with farmers all around the world to harvest the crops from where they are naturally found… and grow the best. For example, wintergreen trees are native to Nepal. So doTERRA goes to Nepal to get the highest quality wintergreen. This not only ensures we are getting the highest quality oil but also creates jobs in developing countries all over the world. You can even track where EVERY single bottle of oil you purchase and see exactly where came from.. Using doTERRA's  Source to You!

After the product is finished being produced it is put through a rigorous third party testing to ensure the purity of the oil. Yes that’s right EVERY SINGLE batch of oils produced by doTERRA is put through a seven step testing so that you can know with confidence that EVERY SINGLE bottle of oil you purchase is 100% pure essential oil. That means that you can be restassured that the oils you are using are pure and actually hold the therapeutic properties you need them to.

Now, the craziest part about the essential oil industry is that there is no agency governing these products. There are no regulations and no big brother watching. A company can label their bottle “100% pure essential oil”, put whatever they fucking want in that bottle and have no repercussions AT ALL. This is why every one of dōTERRA’s oils is Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. CPTG exceeds all industry standards and allows you to use our oils with confidence! Continue reading about why doTERRA is the best essential oil company…


Essential oils can be used to benefit us physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually. It doesn’t matter why you are choosing to reach for your oils the most important thing is that you know how to USE your oils!

There are three main ways to use your oils:

The most common and safest way to use essential oils is aromatically. You can experience the aromatic benefits of essential oils by placing a few drops in a diffuser, in the palms of your hands, or by simply opening the bottle and taking a nice long whiff. 

When applied directly to the skin essential oils are easily absorbed providing a localized benefit to the user. Essential oils are highly concentrated always use caution when applying topical and remember to dilute with a carrier oil like coconut oil. 

Certain essential oils can be consumed internally. They can be used as dietary supplements, to promote healthy immune function, as a substitute for dry herbs while cooking etc. Always check the bottle for nutritional facts before consuming. 

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Getting your hands on some doTERRA oils is pretty easy. You can purchase from my doTERRA store as a retail customer or you can become a member to receive access to wholesale prices and a shit ton of other membership perks! Check out the other team perks here!!

There is a $35 membership fee to join doTERRA.. But that fee is waived if you decide to enroll with one of the membership kits below.


Don’t see what you’re looking for… check out the entire list of enrollment kits here! Or simply becoming a member (for $35) and place any sized order of your choice. Select introductory packet at sign up and add the individual oils to your cart.

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1. Head on over to my doTERRA site:

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3. Choose the either "Wholesale Customer" or "Wellness Advocate"
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