Lesson One in the A Course In Miracles' aims to teach us to take a different perspective on every object in the world around us by removing meaning from them 


It calls for us to examine our surroundings and notice what is around us. To identify everything we see around us and then come to realization that it doesn't realllllly mean anything. 

Today's exercise is meant for us to take with us through out the day BUTT the course stresses that it should not be strictly applied to everything we see. If you try to apply it to literally every freaking thing you see today it will become ritualistic and that is not the point. The point here is to just apply it to the things around us with out discrimination. 

From the sheets on my bed to chair at my computer desk. 

They mean nothing.

From the remote control to my running sneakers. 

They mean nothing. 

From the books on my book shelf to the tissues on my end table. 

They mean nothing.

From my dry erase board to my favorite shirt in my closet. 

They mean nothing. 

From my car in the drive way to the pen I write with. 

They mean nothing.

Start this exercise by looking at the things closest to you... like the phone or computer you are reading this on. To the chair you're sitting on or the shirt you are wearing. Then move a little further out into your surroundings like the lamp in the corner or the street sign you see through your window. 

The course suggests that you only do this exercise twice a day preferably for one minute in the morning and at night. It is important that this exercise feels fun and not forced. Just don't limit yourself, whatever you see take a minute to say "fuck it... it don't mean nothing!!!" && move on to the next thing.  



My Experience with Lesson 1

As I went through this exercise myself for the past few days...I started to feel a subtle shift in my relationship to the things around me.  I did not feel so attached to some of the things I used in my daily life. It was as if there was distance being created between me and the objects even though I was not walking away from them. 

In today's materialistic society I feel like this seemingly simple exercise packs a really big punch. We (as a society) are soooo attached to our stuff &&&&& we have a lot of fucking stuff. We attach meaning to all this stuff. Like that pink pen that I realized today means nothing.. before today that was my special pink pen. Now it's just a stupid pink pen


Have you tried this lesson? What we're your experiences like? Leave a comment below I'd love to hear


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