Holistic Tarot Reading is a sacred practice that provides you with intuitive insight into this crazy thing we call life. This practice is meant to transform and evolve right alongside of you. As you develop a deeper relationship with your cards you’ll start to find your that you’re readings start to provide you with deeper insight as well. Whether it is a three card spread or a twelve card spread you’ll definitely find the answers you need.


They way we use our cards is everything. From storage and handling, to shuffling and of course the spreads we choose. When you first start learning tarot it is helpful to gather a few pre-made spreads that resonate with you. These spreads can be found all over the internet.. For example if you’re looking for guidance in your love life head on over to pinterest and search “Tarot Love Spreads” these guides will provide you with the layout of the cards and the meaning each card has in relationship to the question being answered. A very simple example of this can be seen below


BUUUT as your practice evolves soo will your relationship with spreads.

Soon you will be able pick up cards, shuffle and intuitively create a spread that is meant just for you in that exact moment.  You’ll know exactly how many cards to pull, how to arrange them and when you’ve heard enough. && it is pure pure magic as your hands are guided to place the cards exactly where they need to be.


This doesn’t mean that you have to throw out premade spreads all together.. I still use them all the time!

This is just another way for you to dive deeper into the tarot and give yourself a little creative freedom in your practice…



  1. ITS YOURS!!!!

    We use tarot as a self exploration practice and what is more self exploratory that allowing YOURSELF to ask the questions and allowing the voice within to guide you along the way. Tarot Reading is used to provide insight into your current situation and who knows better about your current situation than you. When you create your own spreads you wont find yourself saying ehhh that doesn’t really make sense.. Or I don’t really think that’s what it is really supposed to mean. It will ALLLL make sense because it is all catered to YOU by YOU!!!  This leads to a deeper understanding of the situation at hand … and isn’t that the freaking point!!!


    When you are creating your own spreads in the moment there are no rules! You don’t feel restricted by a lay out or a number of cards. You are free to do whatever the fuck you want. So do whatever the fuck you want!!! It’s your practice, it’s your life, it’s your insight. When we give ourselves the space to be creative we ignite that fire with in and strengthen our connection to the divine!


    We turn to tarot for guidance for introspection and insight but the all of this is really coming from in.. the cards are simply acting as a mirror for us to see ourselves in. What we see in the cards change with every reading based on where we are and what we are going through. When we take time to let our intuition guide the session we are strengthening that connection with your intuition and our conscious mind. The more time we spend strengthening that connection the more our intuition is able to guide us in our daily lives.



    Meditate on it spend some time with it reflect on it and see what thoughts arise.. See what questions you ask yourself.. If there is a pressing question that comes up use that as the meaning for the next card you draw. If nothing comes to mind that is okay! That doesn’t mean your spread has to be over draw another card and see what comes up. Interpret the card and THEN see how it fits into the equation and what role it plays in the spread


    If you pull a card and find yourself asking clarifying questions about the card pull another card or two and find a fun way to place them in the spread.. On top of the card in question, sideways, under it, diagonal. Make it whimsical, make it free, make it fun!!! Include other things into your spreads, like crystals, oils, plants, other decks of cards, family heirlooms. For example say you draw card that gives you a message that it is time to start opening up and trusting your intuition more it maybe helpful to add some amethyst to your spread.


    If you are not sure if you should pull another card ask your pendulum. Grab your pendulum and hold it over your deck of cards if it tells you YES then bitch you better pull another card. If it tells you no it’s time to pause and reflect on your reading as a whole.

    OR maybe you pulled a card and you are unsure of how it fits into the reading as a whole… you have a slight idea of what it is meant to mean but you’re still second guessing yourself. Hold your pendulum over the card in question… if it gives you a yesssssss then you’re gut instinct was right if it tells you now then spend a little more time reflecting on the card and see if you can come to any other realizations about the situation

These are just a few steps that I take to help me create intuitive tarot spreads on the go. With time and practice you will be able to do this without even thinking or second guessing yourself. Be patient with yourself and your growth. Take time to listen to the messages from each card and from within. My hope is that this inspires and empowers you to start using your favorite tarot deck in a more creative and intuitive way.


If you’re looking to deep your relationship with tarot and become a certified Holistic Tarot Reader check out the online certification course I offer! 

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