What is Holistic Healing? What is Holistic Health?

Holistic Health is growing in popularity.. But what exactly is it? Holistic health or “whole-istic health” is an approach to health and wellness that focuses on every aspect of the human experience and how they relate to one another. It takes into account your physical body, your emotions, your feelings, your thoughts (both conscious and subconscious), your life experiences, and even social conditioning. Holistic Healing uses natural remedies, therapies and practices to help the body relax and process these physical, mental and emotional experiences. When the body is able to properly process and release it is able to restore balance, health and vitality to the whole being.


The field of Holistic Health and the concept of holistic healing is far from a new fad. It’s roots come from Eastern Medicine and most of today’s popular practices date back further than your recent ancestory.com report can even go back. You may have even heard of Holistic Health referred to as alternative medicine, integrative medicine, or natural health.  It includes practices like Reiki, Aromatherapy, Sound therapy, Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Herbal Medicine, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, Tapping, and even Meditation.


All of these practices have the common belief that if there is a health concern or “dis-ease” within the body it is due to an imbalance in those interconnected aspects of ourselves. Basically,  physical ailments are rooted in imbalances at the energetic level. These imbalances can be caused by malnourishment of the mind/body/spirit, trauma, or emotional and mental stress.


Let’s look at an example….say someone comes along who has a liver problem…a holistic health practitioner is going to find the root of the physical problem and try to eliminate it using a natural remedy or therapy. At the same time they will be peeling back the layers within the mind and spirit to find the imbalance or block that could have played a part in causing the problem to begin with.


Problems in the liver are known to be connected to anger issues.The practitioner may use different spiritual practices or therapies to help with the anger problem. They will guide you as you revisit when and why it all started. They will help you work through and release the issue so that it’s no longer being held on to by your subconscious and causing a disturbance in the flow of energy within your body around the freaking liver.


It all works together. When you are taking the time to heal the mental and emotional layers of the issue your physical body has less to worry about. The body can then relax and focus itself completely on rejuvenating itself.

Holistic Health and Holistic Healing is a very broad field…. so depending on what kind of holistic practitioner you go to you might experience different things based on their trainings and their spiritual and philosophical beliefs.

This can make finding a practitioner that is right for you kind of difficult. It is VERY important to find the right holistic practitioner for YOU. Finding a practitioner may take a few tries. But stick with it and find someone whose practices resonate with you, whose practices you are comfortable engaging in and whose energy and space makes you feel welcomed, loved  and supported.


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