Energetic Box

Are you trapping yourself in an energetic box?

Our mental patterns have a profound affect on our energetic field… right. So that means our negative thought patterns (like our fear based thoughts, limiting beliefs about ourselves or even bad habits) can actually create an energetic wall around us.

On a psychic level they put us into an energetic box which prevents new opportunities and positive life experiences to come our way. This happens whether we are aware of it or not. Which is why it is so freaking important to check in with ourselves regularly and release any mental patterns or bad habits that are no longer serving us.

Once you get into the habit of doing this regularly you will notice when you are starting to feel the box forming and will start to intuitively take the right action steps to release what is need and open yourself back up.

If you’re struggling to kick your old patterns to the curb and bust out of your energetic box give one of these tricks a try.

    • Do some yoga, go for a walk, I don’t give a shit… just get moving. Physical movement has an effect on the physical senses which in turn has an effect on the mind.
  • Use energy work!
    • When previously established mental patterns resurface as negative thoughts, limiting beliefs or bad habits take a minute to connect to your spiritual energy. Take a few deep breaths. Breathing in a renewing healing energy that is working to dissolve old patterns and create new ones. Imagine a white protective aura of light around your body and project that into your surroundings!
  • Thought Programming
    • You can program your mind to heal old thought patterns by using affirmations to create positive thought suggestions. In your meditation or anytime during your day repeat the phrase “My higherself is mightier than any pattern I wish to overcome. My higherself has already dissolved unwanted thought patterns from my mind. Thank you!”


Give it a try and let me know what cha think!

xo xo

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