Just for Today,I will not Worry


“Just For Today I Will Not Worry”

Is the first of the five reiki principles and the one that I had the hardest time working with in the beginning of my journey.  Before starting with Reiki I was a Nervous Nellie. Everything from waiting in line at the grocery store, to doing my wash or meeting friends out at the bar seemed to throw me into an anxious state of panic. Luckily starting a Reiki practiced changed everything for me. The principles and self-healing sessions offered me a different perspective on my worries. I was finally able to see how my worries were effecting my body and my mind. I wasn’t a lazy fuck.. my mind just had my body stuck in a lethargic state of fear.

Reiki helps us to resolve the negative and fearful mind-set that lead to our worries and stress. This change allows us to see the things that would have sent us into a panic attack as opportunities to learn something about ourselves….which changes EVERYTHING. It allows us to trust in the cycles of life and live a happier and more fulfilling life.

If you are struggling with this Reiki Principle give this a try…. Place one hand on your root chakra and one hand on your heart chakra repeat the mantra “Just For Today.. I Will Not Worry”

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