Ascension 101

Soooo let’s talk about ascension. Some of you might be thinking okay hold up… What is ascension?


Growing up I always thought that ascension was something that only happened to Jesus or the saints after they died. BUTTT the reality is that we all have the ability to ascend on a daily basis.

You see ascension occurs anytime we have a shift in consciousness. In other words, anytime we have a moment of clarity or AAHH ha moment we ascend to a higher state of being. This ascension to higher consciousness causes energetic shifts in our mind, body and soul.

Now the cool thing about ascension is that it happens on both a personal and global level. So we are ascending individually as we progress on our spiritual journey and globally as more and more of the collective start to awaken to their inner spirits.


What happens during ascension is one of things that gives you an ahhh ha moment..

Ascension is basically energetic shifts towards a higher vibe. It’s the process of rising. Rising to higher consciousness and better versions of ourselves. If you’re mind is still stuck in the office it is like getting a freaking promotion at work. You’re higher up!

Now when we earn a promotion on our spiritual journey we don’t get any special training like we would with a promotion at work…we kind of have to figure it out ourselves. Our mind, body and soul experience an energetic shift. This often prompts an “in with the new out with the old” cycle. When this happens we have to take time to cleanse and realign ourselves. untitled-design-1


If you are used to studying your body you will realize that these energetic shifts and realignments that follow often cause us to experience some weird shit that may drive ya a little crazy.

I have been experiencing some serious awakenings lately. Like the most intense since the awakening that started me on this spiritual journey. And I can honestly say I don’t think my body can keep up.

People who are very energy sensitive will most likely experience these symptoms more intensely. I have tried to list the most intense ascension symptoms that I have been experiencing this past month. I have also included the holistic tools that I have fallen back on to help keep me sane and balanced during this transition to higher consciousness….

(** please note that these symptoms could also be signs of a medical condition. When you are experiencing ascension symptoms you have this knowing in your gut that you are not actually sick or crazy.. if you’re unsure see a doctor!)

The Unquenchable Thirst

I have been so fucking thirsty. Like so thirsty that it feels like all the water on this planet is not enough to quench my thirst. My pee is clear as my drinking water but somehow I’m still thirsty all the time. Energetic Shifts , or any energy work in general, leaves us very dehydrated.

My Advice: No brainer …. DRINK MORE WATER. Like get yourself a cute little water bottle and carry it around with you everywhere. Drink water allllll day.


Headaches. Headaches. Headaches.

OMG. The headaches I have been experiencing lately are AWFUL. If you are experiencing headaches this could be do to your crown chakra expanding. They come and go and vary in intensity.

My Advice: crystals, oils, water, and SLEEP!
Crystals for headaches: amethyst and selenite
Essential Oils for headaches: PastTense by doTERRA or peppermint oil


Feeling Homesick or Having the Desire to Move

I’ve recently been feeling this overwhelming feeling of being homesick even though I’m home. I keep telling my friends that “I’m homesick for somewhere I’ve never been before”. I find myself researching rent prices in cities I’ve never been before and my house is starting to feel not good enough.

I’ve come to the realization that it is because my soul is growing and wanting bigger and better things for itself. I want to surround myself with with more people who are spiritually aware and out exploring the world.

My Advice: TRAVEL!!!!! Book a spontaneous trip. Go on a road trip. Just yourself the fuck out there. And make friends along the way. There is nothing like having friends in all parts of the world.

If you’re not in a position to go traveling there are somethings that you can do around your house to help. Do some redecorating. I’ve recently stripped all my walls and cabinets and redecorated everything. Make your home feel homey again but with things that are more in alignment with the person you are becoming. I went from marijuana posters to crystal displays and scared geometry. And I’m no longer hating my living situation and am excited to spend time at home again.


Sporadic Energy Bursts

I’ve noticed that I’ll have a string of days where I have so much energy I’m fucking bouncing off the walls. I get a million things done in a short amount of time and then find myself pacing around looking for more to do. These energy burst aren’t good because I usually crash after.

Like seriously ground yourself. Take off your shoes, sit your ass on the ground and GROUND YOURSELF.
Crystals to help grounding: Smokey Quartz and Black Tourmaline
Essential Oils for grounding: White Fir
Crystals for excess energy: Orange or red calcite


Chronic Fatigue or Feeling Lethargic

This is the one I have been struggling a lot with.. and is the primary reason why I have not been posting as much as I usually do on social media.  At first this fatigue really freaked me out because it feels a lot like the lethargy that comes along with mental health issues I have struggled with in the past. The difference here though is that I’m still happier than a pig in shit I’m just fucking tired A LOOOOOOOOOT.

My Advice: Let yourself sleep. You’re not being lazy your taking care of yourself. I slept for almost two days straight last weekend… and I came out of it so refreshed and high vibing.

If you have to rally yourself.. here is what has been helping me
Crystals for lethargic fatigue: Carnelian (place one carnelian in each had to restore energetic balance)
Essential oils for fatigue: Wild Orange!!!!! I also like the Elevation blend from doTERRA


Flu Like Symptoms

These flu like symptoms are soooo freaking random. Like I don’t feel anything coming on.. and just all the sudden I’m like wtf am I sick or something? I get randomly tried, body aches, nausea and they only last for like an hour max. I’m not sure but I think this is due to my body releasing the old and riding itself of the past toxins.

My Advice: Again WATER AND SLEEP loll.
Crystals to help the flu: rose quartz, jasper, turquoise and fluorite
Essential Oils to help the flu: On Guard by doTERRA


Erratic Sleeping Patterns

I’m been having trouble falling asleep because I want to stay up developing my spirituality and then whenever I do fall asleep I can’t sleep through the night. I keep waking up in the middle of the night with epiphanies and ideas and sometimes it is impossible to fall back asleep.

My Advice: Force yourself to start a sleeping pattern. Don’t lay in your bed and do your soul work. When you go to bed your going to bed not to meditate or do any soul searching. Keep a journal by your bed and when you wake up with those epihanies WRITE THEM DOWN… thank your dreams for your inspiration and tell yourself you will work on them tomorrow. Don’t check your phone for notifications or to see what time it is just lay back down and start counting sheep.

Crystals to promote healthy sleeping patterns: hematite and amethyst.. I like to keep them under my pillow
Essential Oils for sleep: Lavender and PasteTense.. I prefer to apply these oils to the bottoms of my feet in bed


Let me know what ascension symptoms you are experiencing  or if any of these resonate with your experience, I’d love to hear from ya!!!

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xo xo


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  1. Loved your article on Ascension! Great example comparison! Been experiencing ascension symptoms for over a year now- and Oh yes headaches headaches headaches! Hope yours ease up 🙂

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