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Last night I got a little to caught up in the world inside my head. And I was humbly reminded how powerful our minds are and how quick and easy it is to get caught up in our own little realities. You literally can create anything in your mind. You can think about things that are good, bad, real, or fake. And if you think about them long enough you start to subconsciously accept these things as your reality. Here’s a perfect example ….

On my way home from work yesterday I hit major traffic, and there is never any traffic on my way home so I knew there had to be some kind of accident. I immediately started creating this story in my head that it was my friend who had gotten into a car accident up ahead. Before I knew it I was crying because I was playing out the scene of me talking to his mom at his funeral in my head. I was mid sob when I stopped myself and said out loud “Wait WTF Kel, you don’t even know if there is an accident and it’s definitely not your friend he’s still at work” I then laughed at how crazy my “imagination” can be and then started singing along with the radio like I was never crying.

A year ago this slip back into negative thinking would have had me crying about something I completely made up the whole entire ride home. I would have never snapped myself out of it. I would have called my friend to make sure he was alive and then I would have started to jump to conclusions about a million other things that are out of my control. I probably would have popped a “happy pill” as soon as I got home and melted into the sofa until my alarm woke me up there the next morning for work.  

But now because I have the knowledge and proper tools I can quickly snap myself back into reality and back to a place that is happy, fun, carefree and present. This is why self-healing is so life changing because before this simple slip up would have lead me down a dark hole but today it’s just a slip up that ended with a laugh!

Here are  the steps I take to quickly bring myself out of the toxic la la land we all find ourselves in at one time or another


Noticing that you are making shit up in your head! This is probably the hardest step. Because when we are in the heat of the moment our anxious mind moves at a mile a minute triggering one negative made up thing after another. The easiest way to realize you are making shit up is to pay attention to your emotions… 24/7!

When you notice yourself feeling blah or gloomy take a minute to check yourself.

Ask yourself what story lines have you been playing over and over in your head.

Are they real? Or Are you jumping to conclusions and playing out all the what if this happens scenarios you can possibly think of?

The easiest way to determine if you’re stuck in your own little world that you are making up is to ask yourself “Is fact or is it an opinion/feeling?”

If it is not 100% fact then you’re making shit up and it is not worth one more second of your time.


Forgive yourself for going all bat shit crazy for a second there.

You don’t have to repeat the mantra “I forgive myself” over and over again if it doesn’t resonate with you. Just do whatever you have to do to not get mad at yourself for going down the rabbit hole with Debbie Downer.

I prefer to tell myself “whooops that’s the old Kelly thinking my bad!”

Then I reach for my Forgive Oil from doTERRA. I literally have a bottle of this floating around in my purse wherever I go. Uncap the bottle and take a whiff or add a dab to the insides of each wrist. Each inhale of the aroma is like a deep sigh of relief


Choose to think another thought. One that is positive, FACTUAL and makes your heart feel good.

When choosing another thought I grab some black tourmaline or smoky quartz to help ground me in the present reality.

My internal dialogue sounds something like this “Holy shit you’re being crazy… UNIVERSE TAKE THE LEAD!”

Then I turn on my go to playlist that always lifts me up! I am a concert  music junkie and to me music is just another tool to heal my soul! Check out my DAYLIGHT playlist over on Spotify!


Allow yourself to be proud and grateful for your rebound!

This is my favorite part. Sometime after you have successfully brought yourself back to reality make it a point to acknowledge how far you have come. It doesn’t have to be right away (I usually do this later at night before bed).  

You see… We are never ever ever going to be perfect human beings and therefore we are always going to have days where we slip back into creating negative scenarios in our head. So that is why this step is so important.

This step teaches us that we are making progress. It allows us to look at these slip ups as lessons and opportunities to grow! 

The more you practice these steps the quicker your rebound time will be.. and that is what this is all about catching yourself before you wreck yourself! Try these steps out and let me know how they work for you

xo xo

If you are interested in learning about oils, crystals or starting a holistic self-healing practice  HIT ME UP!!!! 

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