Setting Goals and Manifesting Them

One of my favorite things about my doTERRA tribe is that we don’t run our businesses the traditional doTERRA way. We don’t set goals and push product to get there. Instead we set goals and we use our energy and connection to the universe to help us succeed. We work together as a team with the law of attraction to bring us new team members and clients who need our healing and teachings the most. I can honestly say that running my business this way has made becoming a 24 year old spiritual entrepreneur one of the funnest and less stressful experiences of my life.

My business is centered around energy healing so it only makes sense to set my business goals by the same principles right? I like to look at goal setting as the process of aligning my energy with that of which I want. It is about setting loving intentions and making sure I am taking the right action steps to heal and grow so that I am an open vessel to receive the abundance and creative inspiration that is flowing to me.

Here’s some steps to setting goals and achieving them in a soul centered way.

Step One.png

Figure out what you want. Take a minute to think about what your long term goals are. 

For example: My goal is to become a doTERRA Diamond Leader in the next two years by teaching self healing and discovery far and wide and sharing my tribes opportunity to provide an income for other holistic healers to live out their calling.

steptwo.png Check Your Why!  In order to cultivate the right kind of energy to manifest you need to make sure your goals are coming from a place of love. The universe isn’t going to help us get shit done if there is any part of it that feels icky. It can’t be selfish 

So, Why do I want to be a diamond leader?
So that I can have the time and financial freedom to dedicate all of my time to learning, teaching, healing and empowering others.
Why do I want teach self healing and self discovery?
Because I know what it is like to be in need of a teacher. I know what it feels like to be searching for it but just not knowing where to start. I know what it’s like not having the community or teachers in my neighborhood or within my financial reach. Because I know the world is screaming for it.I know there a tons of people out there that need it and how when you are at the lowest of lows how these tools are life changing gifts from above.
Why do I want to share my tribe’s opportunity?
To provide an income for other holistic healers to live out their calling because I know what it’s like to want to be a healer and never being able to step into that role because I also had a strong desire to be financial abundant. And if more healers could heal this way there would be no limit on the amount of people we could touch and heal.

Now here comes the time to do some energy work on the goal…

stepthree.pngCultivate the energy behind the goal.  This is where we get to use our imagination, our energy and the power of visualization. For this step you need to ask yourself…

What will it feel like when you achieve your goal ?
For me that feeling is full of spiritual and material abundance. It is a state of pure joy and gratitude. Joy that that many people’s lives have been healed and grateful that it was through me
Cultivate that feeling!!! Sit in a meditation and visualize all the people who’s lives have changed from your teachings, visualize all the team members who work together with you to heal the world and bask in that feeling of accomplishment.


Put those energies physically out into the world. Make your request known to the Universe! The universe has to have a way to know what you are asking for so put it out there! Put those frequencies out there.. Write them down and put them in a special place, say them out loud as you do a happy dance, put them into a mantra. Whatever you do just get it out there!!!!

The mantra I repeat when I feel myself trying to hard in my business is..
” The people who need me to help them with their healing or business find me and my teachings with ease”

stepfice.pngGive Thanks, Have Faith & Be You! This is the part where we surrender.
Thank the Universe for bringing you what you can handle and providing for you. Have faith that if your goals are not manifested that it is because something better is in store. And then 
Get out there and BE YOU! Go out do your thing, be you, share your light, empower and inspire others and most importantly enjoy the ride.

xo xo

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