Stepping into our Power

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Stepping into your power is a phrase you’ve probably heard a million times. To me this phrase means finding your center, finding your joy – the things that make your soul sing – AND OWNING THAT SHIT! It is finding your life’s purpose and having the confidence in yourself to scream your mission from the highest rooftops. Its being able to step into your mission and creating the lifestyle you desire.
When we step into our power amazing things really do happen. We become aligned with the flow of the Universe and our dreams become a reality. The synchronicity increases and we are able to tap into the momentum of the Universe and get shit done. Basically when we figure out our purpose, step into that role and own our power success flows naturally… and in a way that feels good to our soul
Stepping into your power can be difficult especially if you have yet to find your purpose or have any built up resistance. My favorite way to release the resistance, get in touch with my mission, step into my power and grab life by the balls is through meditating. During your meditation invision any blocks or resistance being sucked out of you by a power greater than yourself. Picture a duster buster attached to your head if you have to. That same power then fills you up with bright white light. While you sit in this space of pure joy take a minute.. notice what thoughts surface, think about the things that make your heart happy.. Listen closely because the answers you find there are your life’s work and your souls purpose.
It may take a little while to find it but commit yourself to the soul searching and when you find your mission DON’T WAIT take that quantum leap.. I promise you you wont regret


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